The ingredients needed for a garden to evolve into both a lived in and lovely work of art are thoughtful planning, well chosen materials, and time.  Time is often the most difficult ingredient for many people, which is why I am a proponent for container plantings.  They’re affordable, versatile and satisfy the need for instant gratification.  They are often the only option for apartment dwellers, and are ideal for renters desiring to add a personal touch to an outdoor living space.
Some homeowners already have an array of plants and accessories, have given their gardens time to evolve, and yet, something is not quite right… Now what?
I love garden problem solving as much as working in beautiful, problem-free gardens, and provide the following services throughout Suffolk County, New York
  • container planting services
  • corrective shrub, rose and vine pruning
  • flower/perennial garden design, installation and seasonally appropriate maintenance
  • coaching sessions (for the novice do-it-yourself gardener)

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